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Investor/Public Relations Program Monitoring and Analysis
Integrated Office includes an expert system that breaks down the effort of building world-class investor relations and public relations programs into quick and easy tasks. The software monitors 16 different measurements of the effectiveness and efficiency of your efforts and develops customized weekly task lists that even the busiest executive can handle. With Integrated Office, you waste no effort and nothing falls through the cracks. [top]


Investor Perception Monitoring and Analysis
Integrated Office offers the only software to provide real-time monitoring and analysis of investor perception, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our software tools enable you to instantly and constantly interact with your institutional holders, major shareholders, analysts, employees and strategic partners. You can view statistical analysis of the understanding, reaction and expectations generated by every communication you make from the entire financial community, a specific geographic or investor type, or a single individual. [top]


Investor Distribution Network
Integrated Office distributes your investor information on your web site and to the desktops of thousands of institutional and retail investors every day through SmartWiresm. Unlike ordinary wire services, SmartWire can support any type of communication you believe to be valuable to your various audiences, such as commentary on a recent event or trade press, corporate interviews, and of course, press releases. With the ability to instantly broadcast content such as audio, video, documents, spreadsheets or slide shows, your company will never have a slow news day again. Integrated Office helps you attract investors even if they have never heard of you. From any SmartWire financial portal, the financial community can research your company, add themselves to your email lists, request mailings and use your interactive investor tools just as if they were on your corporate web site. [top]


Workflow Management Tools
Integrated Office enables you to manage all of your work-in-progress. From the initial outline to the finished product, Integrated Office enables management, consultants, and counsel from different locations around the world to work collaboratively in a secure, 128-bit encrypted work area. Integrated Office is like taking your desk with you everywhere you go, enabling you to quickly and easily manage the workflow of creating, editing and publishing communications and presentations. Whether it's next week's road show or an emergency press release, having Integrated Office means you can develop communications and presentations with speed and efficiency never before possible. [top]


Multi-function Contact Management
Integrated Office consolidates contact profiles, contact history, email lists, fax lists and mailing lists into one simple application. Instantly search and sort for investors by type, location or even by investment interest in your company at the click of a mouse. If you have more than one person talking to the street, then Integrated Office is a must have. With Integrated Office multi-user capabilities, you will always know who spoke to a contact last and what was covered. Integrated Office enables you to leverage the communications efforts of every person involved in interacting with your company's audiences, whether its investor relations, public relations, sales and marketing or human resources, minimizing redundancies and maximizing effectiveness. You can export your entire contact database for use in any electronic organizer such as, Outlook, ACT or a Palm device. Integrated Office will even email to your computer or wireless device a list of calls you have scheduled for the day with contact information and call history for each contact. Are requests for investor kits or press kits bogging you down? Integrated Office will automatically aggregate the mailing requests from your website, the SmartWire financial network and those entered by your agency professionals. With a single mouse-click, Integrated Office will tell you how may labels to place into your printer and you are ready to go. [top]


Investor Communications Link
To ensure the integrity of your contact lists, Integrated Office automatically confirms the validity of the person seeking information from your web site and automatically builds a secure two-way connection between you and each of your contacts. Integrated Office enables your investors to manage their own mailing information, fax numbers and even manage up to three different email accounts for their home, office and wireless devices. With Integrated Office, you save time while adding convenience to your investors and ensuring that they are always connected to you. [top]


Corporate Web Site Management
Using nothing more than a mouse and a keyboard, Integrated Office enables you to manage every aspect of the public relations or investor relations area of your web site. Unlike "web authoring tools", Integrated Office is a powerful software platform that automatically builds valuable informational libraries out of your communications. Text, spreadsheets, slide shows and audio and video presentations can be easily managed and updated, enabling you to leverage your every communications effort. Key-word and key-phrase searches enable your audiences to quickly and easily research your company or find answers to specific questions without ever having to contact you. [top]


Financial Data for Corporate Websites
Integrated Office provides your corporate web site with all major financial data including detailed stock quotes, interactive stock charts, SEC filings and press releases. Stock quotes include the bid and ask, volume, shares outstanding, market capitalization and the daily and 52 week highs and lows. Interactive charts provide intraday and historical charts of daily trading for one, three, six and twelve month periods. [top]


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